Dear future student/parent,

I started taking art lessons with Lee in third grade, and kept going for nine years.  She's an amazing teacher.  She obviously loves what she does, and as a student, that makes learning from her so much more enjoyable.

One of the things that was hard for me when I first started, was looking at a picture and figuring out where to start.  I remember usually wanting to go straight for the part that looked like the most fun, which almost always ended up being something she had me do last.  I noticed the same thing when I took a beginning art class in college.  A lot of people drew the building first, or flower, or animal, and then were stuck having to fill the background in around it.  Thanks to Lee, I didn't make the same mistake.  She was so helpful in breaking down a painting into manageable steps so we could focus on one area at a time, and not be overwhelmed by all the details.  She was always patient and willing to explain, and made sure to give everyone equal attention and help, even when there were several of us.

One thing I really appreciated was that when we started a drawing or painting, she would often start a mini one of her own off to the side so she could actually show us how to do whatever she was explaining. 


I feel like it was so helpful to have her example to look at, especially for the younger students.  She was also great at being able to tell us what we could improve on, so we actually did learn and get better, while still being encouraging and praising us for what we did well.  I think that's an important quality for a teacher to have.

I learned so much from her: the color wheel, different techniques, styles, and mediums, and how to use different tools.  I love art, and it will always be a part of my life in some form, and I owe that to Lee.  I feel lucky to have had her as a teacher, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone, of any age, interested in taking art lessons.  I wouldn't hesitate to take another class from her in the future.

- Dina Blatt

Lee  Murray  is  an  awesome  art  instructor!  


My  daughter,  Kellee,  took  art  lessons  from Young  at  Art,  a  local  art  studio  in  Camarillo,  California,  from  the  age  of  four through high  school.  Lee  Murray  was  one  of  her  instructors.

Lee  Murray  is  an  exceptionally  talented  artist  who  has  the  ability  to  share  this  gift  through  teaching  art  to  students  of  all ages,  especially  children.  She  has  the  gift  of  bringing  out  her  student’s  talents  in  a  wide  variety  of  artistic  mediums.

My  daughter  enjoyed  working  under  Lee’s  instruction  with  acrylic  paint,  water  color  and  charcoal  drawing.  She  created  beautiful  artistic  pieces  in  her  art  class.

I  highly  recommend  Lee  Murray  as  an  art  instructor  to  anyone  wishing  to  develop  or  improve  their  artistic  abilities.

- Kendis  Fishman

My two daughters, Nichole and Alyssa, took art lessons at Young at Art in Camarillo, CA. 

They both loved going to class because of Lee Murray.  Lee is awesome!! 


The girls loved having her as an instructor from the time they were 5 or 6 years old through middle school.

With Lee’s guidance and instruction, my daughters learned to work with all types of media.  They started with charcoal, pastels and colored pencils as they worked up to acrylic and oil painting. 


Both girls are adults now and they still love to draw and paint.

Lee is very talented and has a passion for art that she shares with her students.  I recommend Lee Murray as an art instructor for students of all ages.

- Debbi Moreno