children's classes offered

In our classes, students may choose what they wish to draw such as landscapes, animals, still life and more. We have inspiration photos from them to choose from, or they may bring in their own. 

Our students do all of their own work, we work beside them on a sample piece, showing them techniques and proportions. We inspire our students to use their own creativity and develop the freedom of creating their own individual style that leads to a unique work of art.

All classes are private unless noted - family can take together (4 max). 

Due to COVID at this time we are only offering Private Lessons - we will update when things change.

(See Adult Classes for information on Adult Only Classes)


Students learn to draw with pencils (lead, color, pastel, watercolor), charcoal, pastels (chalk and oil), pen and ink. 


Students learn to paint with watercolor, acrylics, alcohol ink, mixed media

Students from age 5 - adult*

Adult classes are separate from the kids classes unless it is an adult taking with the child (relative or a Big Brother Big Sister program member)

Creative Crafting 

Students will do a wide variety of crafts including mosaics, collage, mixed media, glass and fabric paintingpaint pouring and more


Recycled and up-cycled projects are also a choice allowing students to see that junk can be recycled into some very crafty, beautiful and useful things!

Learn with the Masters

Students will learn about a Master Artist, see his or her works, learn techniques that this artist is famous for and then do a project based on their work. Projects vary from drawing to painting and even crafting.

Cultural Arts

Students will learn about a culture, see the art they are famous for, learn the techniques then do a project based on their culture. Projects vary from drawing to painting and even crafting.

Also available are Specialty Workshops which are seasonal.
Custom Designed Programs are always available to meet the students needs.